Argentine Ants Ant Control, How To Get Rid Of Argentine Ants

Argentine Ant Management. Spray a good barrier of Talstar Insecticide , Termidor SC, and Fuse around the perimeter of the home using a gallon sprayer. This will help prevent entry from argentine and little black ants in the future. A fan spray that is at least 3 feet high on the side of the building and 3 to 6 feet out on the ground will provide excellent protection.

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Don't Buy Argentine Ant Baits From Lowes Or Home Depot! Most over the counter baits sold at hardware stores and retailers do not contain the same attractants …

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Argentine Ants Control. What are Argentine Ants? What do they look like? How do you get them? How serious are they? How can you get rid of them from the …

Argentine Ant Control Using Ant Bait. The use of residual sprays or dusts stress ant colonies, causing them to split into sub-colonies and scatter. This scattering, also called budding, multiplies the number of ant colonies, and thereby multiplies your ant problem. When you bait, use a slow-acting bait.

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Feb 21, 2019  · In the case of Argentine ants, a single queen with ten worker ants can initiate a new Argentine ant colony. As Argentine ants thrive in the hot and humid environment, a seasonal low in reproduction takes place during the mid of winter season.

How to Get Rid of Argentine Ants (4 Easy Steps) Argentine Ant Control. In order to control Argentine Ants, you will need to find good baits such as Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait that are slow-acting. This will ensure that the workers have time to return to the colony with the poison and distribute it. This will kill the colony from within, including the Queen ants.

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Aug 08, 2018  · Seal Your Home. To make sure Argentine Ants can’t get into your home, you must have the outside of your house sealed properly. argentine ants need a hole less than 1 mm in diameter to get into your home, so caulk those spots where you think Argentine Ants might gain entrance, particularly on ground floors and on your foundations.

Mar 1, 2016 … The Argentine ant is an invasive species that has become a major … gel bait to attract more ants, but the amount of Argentine ant control in …

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Argentine ant control and how to get rid of Argentine Ants and How to kill Argentine Ants, Argentine ant biology, Argentine Ants found in California, Argentine Ant …

Argentine ants are an invasive species known for displacing native ants. They are also one of the most troublesome home-infesting pests. moist areas, like mulch, under debris on the ground, under piles of refuse and home foundations, attract Argentine ants. When the weather cools in fall,…